Chace Crawford   I love you   :')

   Winnie the Pooh   :')   Disney

seven characters: James Diamond {1/7}

   James Maslow   James Diamond   Babe   :')

   Sweet baby   Dylan O'Brien   :')

   James Maslow   GLASSES   :')   Weakness

Making fun of Kevin’s lip quiver.

big time rush does “the macarena” and “the wobble”

   Big Time Rush   Babes   :')

“What if I told you that all of this could go away? The side effects, the symptoms… All of it. And what if all those things not only went away, but everything else got even better?”


   Gage Golightly   Teen Wolf   I love you   :')


Chasing the Sun - The Wanted


Chasing the Sun - The Wanted

   The Wanted   :')